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LOVE to be a travel nurse

May 9th, 2008 · No Comments

“I would LOVE to travel to California. I’ve heard it’s one of the best areas to be a travel nurse.

I guess it’s because of the great weather and beaches, although because I have so much family there, it would be an especially wonderful experience. My niece lives in Napa, and even though there’s that line in Sex and the City “If you’re tired you take a nap, you don’t go to Napa” she says she’d trade New York City for Napa any day of the week. She describes the views to me and I swear I’m going to love it. I love being a travel nurse, you can actually go to the places you dream about, not just dream about them. Right now I’m picturing myself sitting down to a glass of Dry Rose’ at a winery, taking in the breath taking views after a long shift. Does it get any better than that?”

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